For over forty years,
Kennedy Incorporated is the design and manufacturing source
for CSI and CRM programs, long before “leveraging the brand” became a popular phrase. 

Our clients include some of the most highly prized luxury brand names in the world.    

Our core competencies include creative design, high quality manufacturing, and fulfillment expertise.  
To keep pace with ever-evolving global business, we combine our in-house manufacturing capabilities with overseas sourcing for component parts and labor-intensive operations.  This flexibility allows us
to provide great value to clients focused on maximizing the ROI of their marketing budgets.

These designs and turn-key packages are produced exclusively for each customer to retain the high perceived value that our customers expect from our designs and products. 

Our unique talent to custom tailor the product and package to the identity of the brand, differentiates us from competitors.  Our mission is to help brand managers develop and create product and CRM packages that are relevant, within budget, and provide great value to the recipient.        

In short, we help our clients keep their customers coming back by reinforcing what is BEST about the BRAND.   


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