Kennedy Incorporated specializes in manufacturing high-quality,
die-struck jewelry, medallions, and insignias.


Ergonomic spring loaded
key ring in silver finish

Ergonomic spring loaded
key ring in machined finish

Tear drop ring with
custom medallion

Product ID # 22-2125

Product ID # 22-2126 Product ID # 22-2170

Silver disc with
stainless steel cable ring

Classic cable key ring with twin
 screw ends on stainless steel ring

Cable key ring
with radiused edges

Product ID # 22-2000

Product ID # 22-2010

Product ID # 22-2011

Cable valet key ring with stainless steel wire.
Fits all European ignition keys easily.

Stainless steel cable key ring with easy open screw ends and custom medallion in silver or
gold finish
    Includes either die struck
or etched logo on one side.


Product ID # 22-2013

Product ID # 22-2005  





diamond etching

personalized engraving

personalized engraving

drop in logo


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